Daily Pages – My New Creative Habit?

Daily Pages – My New Creative Habit?

I joined a Daily Pages challenge in September. This is my experience with the Challenge, and a little bit about my current feelings and future in scrapbooking.

What are Daily Pages?

Daily Pages are a “creative self-documenting habit” started by rukristin. Their purpose is to help you cultivate a habit to get your stories down in a small book. A wide variety of folks make Daily Pages, and I have seen all types of materials and supplies go into them. It’s less about rules, and more about: “there are no rules – just do it”.

Why a Challenge?

Y’all I needed a kick in the butt, and an email reminder every day that someone else sent me was (at this point) the kick in the butt that I needed. It’s no secret that I have been struggling with scrapbooking for many years now, and this provided a low key way to use what I have and be a little bit creative every day. And forget about the label “scrapbook” for a while.

What Supplies To Use?

The best part about Daily Pages is that it’s completely defined by each person. And the point is to use what you have. But seriously, to actually use what you have. There is a joke about scrapbookers (and this pops up in every craft), that buying and holding on to supplies is half the fun. For some people it’s all the fun. I still remember a long-time customer at Treasured Memories who bought our Month Kit every month and had never used any of them!

Now, I haven’t purchased new supplies in a long time. Okay, maybe the occasional sticker, but nothing like back in my heyday. And as most crafters know, it is practically impossible to run out of the fun stuff. Glue yes. Stickers and glitter and paper and rhinestones? Never. I may not have a lot of the latest and greatest, but I still have some really cute stuff that I loved enough to buy.

What am I trying to say here? I am trying to say what I am always trying to say. Use what you have.

Thankfully the Daily Pages Challenge actually got me going through my supplies again, with fresh eyes. Everything is still completely unorganized, but there are less things in bins and more things stuck to paper. Winning!

Nontraditional Scrapbooking

I feel very unconnected with the scrapbooking world because I don’t do it like most other folks. This creates a weird feeling in me, as I used to define myself by my scrapbooking. I worked in a scrapbook store, I taught classes, I blogged about it, and I scrapbooked daily. There is still a lot of pressure (self-created) to be in this space somehow.

I need to redefine it and how it works for me. This hobby of artfully arranging photos and paper for the purpose of memory-keeping and creativity.


Summer Memories Scrapbook (Not Ladylike)

Daily Pages

Treasured Memories, the best scrapbook store ever!

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