A Cool Dip and a Big Climb

Waterton Lakes National Park, September 2022 These are the traditional homelands of the Blackfoot peoples in all of their diversity, as well as the traditional hunting territory of the Kutenai people. The Kutenai were most likely driven out of these areas by the Blackfoot when they expanded their range thanks to rifles and horses. TheContinue reading “A Cool Dip and a Big Climb”

On Saturday We Hike 2021 Review

On Saturday We Hike 2021 Review (and what comes next) 2021 was our first full calendar year of On Saturday We Hike. And what a year! HIGHLIGHTS Christmas Day + New Year’s Day in -35 temps Elk Island Birthday Hike Huge groups in the summer, including 6 out-of-towners A Guest Host (thanks Dan!) A coupleContinue reading “On Saturday We Hike 2021 Review”

No Spend Month – How to CARE for $0

I am stumped. My Word of the Year is “Care”, and every February I participate in a “No Spend Month” challenge. But how do you show care for $0? I started brainstorming ideas, but they all ended up costing money. I am very out of practice with caring for people. I chose this word asContinue reading “No Spend Month – How to CARE for $0”

Five Waste Reduction Resolutions

Five Waste Reduction Resolutions You Should Make…Even Though They Won’t Solve The Climate Crisis When the calendar turns and I start evaluating my goals and purpose, my thoughts turn to how I can strengthen my actions around the climate crisis. In taking a look at what I want to do next, I noticed that IContinue reading “Five Waste Reduction Resolutions”

Recap of a RADICAL Year

Late in 2020, when we were staying home because Covid was infecting and killing us at a staggering rate, I chose the word Radical to guide me in 2021. I knew that it was going to be a radical year for everyone without even trying, but I also recognized an opportunity to push myself, andContinue reading “Recap of a RADICAL Year”

Reflecting on Three Years of Sobriety

I call December 28 my “Soberversary”. Way back in 2018, I made a decision to stop drinking. I thought it would last a year or so, and then I would re-evaluate. But I very quickly realized that this was a forever thing for me. Every year that goes by, I notice more things about myContinue reading “Reflecting on Three Years of Sobriety”