Summer Memories Scrapbook

Okay okay, so I have been scrapbooking, and blogging about scrapbooking for 16 years, give or take. And I have no idea what to write anymore. It’s all been said by me or by someone else, who is probably way smarter than me (at least in terms of writing about scrapbooking).

Now making videos is something I’ve always enjoyed, but need a lot more practice at. So welcome to this studio vlog of me building a mini scrapbook layout.


Again, much smarter people have written much more eloquent words than I have about this, but in essence, building a mini scrapbook layout is the same as building a larger traditional page, say a 12″ by 12″. Except smaller. (Wow, no kidding.) I love mini books because I have to be very judicious in the materials I choose to tell the story. Judicious aka picky. It’s perfect.

I am building this book as I go throughout the summer. Each page measures 6″ by 8″ maximum, and most of the photos are 4″ by 4″. I have bought ZERO NEW supplies, other than adhesive. Working in a scrapbook store for over a decade means I have loads of lovely supplies to choose from, and I have no desire to buy into any trends (in scrapbooking or otherwise).

Step One: Go shopping in my supplies for literally anything that strikes my fancy AND might look nice with the photo

Step Two: Start shuffling those items on and off the page to see what actually fits, eliminating 90% of them.

Step Three: Glue everything down, add journaling and the date.

I love this hobby.

I have been building most these layouts as the events happen, and before I have my photos printed. It’s totally possible! And it helps me from getting too far behind and playing catchup. Because that does not work for me. I keep the photo up on my phone display so I can remember the colours and layout that I’m working with. I have a bunch of blanks cut out of typical photo sizes (3.5″x5″, 4″x6″, 4″x4″) that I use in place of the photo while I’m assembling the page. Once the photos are printed, it’s only a matter of adhering them to the page. And voila! A finished page in a magical amount of time. Past Lisa did all the work. She’s pretty awesome.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have a hard time with summer. Here in Edmonton where I live, the kids are off school for July and August. The warm weather starts showing up in June, and by the middle of August the mornings are already getting chilly. We have dozens of amazing festivals throughout the summer, and activities that are best enjoyed in the heat. Not to mention I work a full time job, and share custody with my ex so I see Lucas every second week. I don’t want to do the math because it makes it too real, but that leaves only four weekends to make the most of the summer holidays. Gee, that’s not depressing or anything.

Usually when Lucas heads back to school, I am immediately filled with regret and guilt that we didn’t “do more”. So I started creating summer memory books. To remind myself about all the great things we did do over the summer. And to push the boundaries of those moments. I love that part of scrapbooking. Not only do I get to live the moment, I can also relive it when I build the page. It’s my scrapbooker’s high.

3 thoughts on “Summer Memories Scrapbook

  1. Hey Lisa, I thought it was very interesting. Your use of the paint on the letter I’d never seen. Loved the music background and explaining what you did. You should be teaching scrapbooking Your work area is perfect for all of. your supplies.

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