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I started this small book at the end of September 2021 in response to a “Daily Pages Challenge” initiated by a favoured online personality and creator. I was looking for a kick in the butt to get back to my craft room, get creative, and take some pressure off. Two months later, one finished book, and a newly started book, I can say that this is a success. And a new creative habit that I will be continuing to practice

Daily Pages are all about pulling a small amount of paper, thoughts, photos, words, or bits of life into a small notebook. They’re a creative habit for you to tell your stories. 

Kristen Tweedale


There are three main takeaways – or lessons – from this first book that I am taking into this daily practice.

  • Use what I have. I didn’t buy any new supplies for this “project”. It is important to me to align my hobbies with my values. That is, anti-capitalism, with a strong fear and understanding of the climate crisis. I have so many beautiful and fun supplies in my stash to use up. And in future books I am excited to try my hand at collage using found items. A mental block to work through in the future is that “no item is too precious to include”.
  • No pressure to make a perfect/beautiful page. Some of these pages are so ugly! Ha! Thankfully the purpose of the book is to be creative every day, and not spend hours agonizing over the placement of each element and create a magazine-worthy spread. It felt very nice to be open to create whatever came to mind with the objects at hand. That is how I learn what I like and also grow as a crafter.
  • Document my day, or just play; it’s all good. I see a lot of the other folks documenting their days via their daily pages habit. Some of my pages were an active documentation of an event or a feeling from the day. But many were not. I only included one photo in this book, and I think this will be a trend.

I have already started on my next book, one that I built myself with some extra stationary from my collection. My most important lesson is that I really love this daily habit. I am grateful I have been able to keep at it, and am building it into my routine. It goes to show that I am not done learning and growing as a creative person.


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