Not Ladylike Events

Group of 13 people dressed in summer outdoor clothing in a clearing surrounded by a grove of deciduous trees

Our best chance at surviving and thriving in the next few decades is by sticking together. We are building a resilient, caring community one conversation at a time.

Holiday Lights

Join the Not Ladylike Community for an informal gathering on Saturday, December 4 in Churchill Square in Downtown Edmonton. Walk around with pals and enjoy the sights and sounds of a Holiday party! The very (very) tall Christmas tree is lit up, and there will be events and activities for all ages. NLL will be there from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, but the activities run until 8:00 pm. Meet the group at Tix on the Square. NLL is not affiliated with this event.

On Saturday We Hike

Every Saturday at 9:00am we meet at a trailhead in the Edmonton area and walk together for one hour. You set your own pace, with no pressure to race to the finish line. Rain, or shine, or snow, come explore our beautiful city and ease into your weekend with good folks.

Online Art Night

Only two more online Art Nights until we retire this event. Work on your own craft with likeminded folks in the comfort of your own home.

Full Moon Picnic

Once a month, on (or around) the full moon, we meet up in a local park to watch the moonrise. There will be snacks and optional rituals to explore in a safe space.

All of our Community events are designed with sober, queer, disabled and other vulnerable folks in mind, and we are committed to improving our accessibility for those groups and individuals. Everyone is welcome to attend, but we will not tolerate hate speech, negative remarks about another person’s body or skin colour, or anti-vaxx propaganda. We are currently operating in accordance with Alberta’s Covid precautions to keep everyone as safe as possible. Please do not attend an in-person event if you are experiencing any symptoms.

I very much appreciate being part of Art Night. I like to sit in comfort at home to craft and chat with other like minded people and it has been my pleasure to interact with others and to see what kind of crafts everyone does.

– Val

I love that Art Night is still continuing virtually. It helps me get some crafty fun projects completed by providing a scheduled time and support. They are an amazing group of people and I love seeing all the fun things people are working on

— Krista Lee