Autumn in Edmonton

This is just an excuse to post some of the photos I have taken recently. They aren’t great photos, but thankfully this isn’t a photo blog!

I love to explore Edmonton throughout the year, but it really comes alive in the fall. The leaves start to change colour, the golden hour is warm and cozy, and the long shadows creep and tease. Our River Valley is a feast for the eyes.

A few blocks from our home is a large ravine, with a small creek running through. It is dense with mature trees and a lot of trails. Follow those trails north far enough and you reach our River Valley, which is a natural area larger than you can imagine. It stretches for 48km along the North Saskatchewan River, and there are trails along all but a small section. If it’s views you are after, you are in luck, as we are also home to the High Level Bridge, a 110 year old train bridge that towers over the river in the heart of downtown.

If I get started right after dinner I can make it all the way to the High Level Bridge to watch the sun set over Edmonton. It’s a beautiful site, one that makes my fear of heights well worth it. These views always get me thinking about the future of my city, especially that the climate crisis might change them forever. The walk home gives me a lot of time to think about how I might take action in their favour.


These are the traditional and contemporary homelands of the Plains Cree, Blackfoot, Tsuu Tina, Metis Nation (Native Land), and many other First Nations and Inuit people now call this place home. White settlers have done a lot of terrible things to eliminate these people and their rich cultures from the land we all call home. This genocide continues and is perpetuated by systems steeped in white supremacy. We must freely admit these truths so we can become proper neighbours, and all enjoy peace and friendship in this beautiful place.

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