Holiday Lights

Saturday, December 4 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in Churchill Square.

On Saturday We Hike.

Join our Community every Saturday at 9:00am as we explore a local trail.

Online Art Night. Join new friends online, while you chat and craft.

Bring your own craft!

Latest from the Blog

Full Moon Picnic

Thanks in part to struggling for many years being a single mom trying to do all the roles, and being a working parent with depression, I haven’t been taking the time to craft personal rituals and traditions. This is something that is important and interesting to me, but it never won out in the timeContinue reading “Full Moon Picnic”

I Quit Art Night

What happens when you want to quit an activity that you host? A few months earlier, I got some strong clues that Online Art Night really wasn’t working for me. I had been riding the struggle bus for ages, so I quickly brainstormed a “rebrand”. Thinking I could re-ignite my enjoyment by changing up theContinue reading “I Quit Art Night”

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