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Join our Community every weekend as we explore a local trail.


Presented in partnership with Ritchie Community League, our next event is on May 14. Bring your favourite craft supplies, a project on the go, and your Mom! Click the button to learn more and pre-register.

Trash Walks

Are you looking for a low barrier, low anxiety way to show your love for the environment this Earth Month? The Not Ladylike Crew heads out once per week for the entire month of April to clean up litter in a community park. Join us for an hour of trash collection, then a warm up at a local spot for an opportunity to continue our conversations.

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Trash Walks

For the past two Earth Months – April 2022 and 2023 – I have organised weekly trash walks as part of my community building activities. I wanted to put my thoughts together in the form of a blog, because I have lots of thoughts, both in regards to how I am hosting these and trash…

Ostara Brunch

In March, I hosted my family for an Ostara Brunch. I settled on an Ostara brunch earlier in the year instead of an Easter brunch, or a non-themed brunch ecause I like themed parties. Because I am not a Catholic or Christian and I treat the Easter days as an extra long weekend and nothing…


Hello, hi, it’s me writing about the biggest cliche topics this decade: self-care and loneliness. The pandemic popularized a lot of pre-existing concepts, and self-care is definitely near the top. We took a global phenomenon that affected every level of society – especially our most vulnerable members – laid bare how terribly we care for…

Not Ladylike is based out of Treaty 6 territory and is the homeland of Metis Nation 4. Many First Nations and Indigenous peoples have gathered here and their continued presence has enriched and built the place I am proud to call home. As I work to build a community here, I am actively aware of how we are in relationship with the land and the larger community of human and non-human beings. This land acknowledgement not only seeks to recognize Indigenous peoples impact on these lands, but to actively reject a colonialist view that the lands offer only a resource to be used and extracted. The land is a part of us, a part of me. I want to thank the land for providing a backdrop to my fondest memories. It is integral to my personal history, story and wellbeing. And therefore integral to the Not Ladylike Community. Through this Community I want to help other folks connect with each other as they connect with this space and time that we occupy. And I want to ensure that we steward the land so our children and their children and so on, have the opportunity to enjoy it as well.