Daily Pages Flipthrough

Ahh yes, the heady time of December 3, 2021 through January 21, 2022. Where each day received a little extra notice in the form of a daily page. Freezing toes while I crafted in the basement were a small inconvenience to pay when the end result is this lovely, fat, book.

I started this creative habit in October 2021. I did it as a way to kickstart my creativity, get me working in my craft room, and give me a space to create within boundaries but without expectations. In 2021 it served its purpose and more. I also joined a lovely community of women working on Daily Pages of their own. Which provided me with support I didn’t realize I needed at the time.

I have now finished two books of my own making. This flipthrough represents “Volume Two” and captures the time between December 3, 2021 and January 21, 2022. I created something in this book every single day during that period. Wowzas. It feels momentous, while also being simple and small. It showed me that I could start habits, and maintain them. With a little bit of effort. And I am immensely proud of myself. I haven’t done any Daily Pages since that last day in this book.

So I also want to hold space for folks who have lost a habit. For whatever reason. My reason specifically was Dan working on a wall in our basement and my crafting space disappearing for a few weeks. Those few weeks was all it took for me to lose this daily habit. I was distracted at first, and then sad, and now I’ve become reconciled to its absence. With the knowledge that I will pick it up again at some point.

Habits are a strong theme for my year, my word, my 2022 plan. And this year I have decided to be more mindful about how I am spending my time. This is going to be hard. (This is already ehard). In an attempt to make it go more smoothly, I post to myself this question: is what I am doing right now getting me closer to my goals or aligning me with my life’s purpose? Yep. Nothing like a simple question to get me on track. HA! But it’s good, I’m good. SometimesI forget to ask myself this, and use up all of my allotted Instagram time before I leave for work in the morning. Oh dear.

And it would be ridiculous if I didn’t do my due diligence in linking literally everything in my life back to my Word. Typical. And, since I am (strangely) currently enchanted by habits, I am fervently asking “how does this habit fit into Care 2022?” Going beyond “does it or doesn’t it”, and literally interrogating its place in my life, my goals, the habits I am forming.

There are so many BIG pictures I am looking at this year – social justice, rest, climate activism, covid frustrations, organizing, community-building – I want to ensure my time is well spent. And that my leisure activities are relelvant and doing their job to allow me space to rest up for what’s next.


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