No Spend Month – How to CARE for $0

I am stumped.

My Word of the Year is “Care”, and every February I participate in a “No Spend Month” challenge. But how do you show care for $0? I started brainstorming ideas, but they all ended up costing money. I am very out of practice with caring for people. I chose this word as a challenge, and only two months into the year I am feeling it. February is coming in hot.

Okay okay, so here are some hopefully not lame ideas:

  • Shovel someone’s sidewalks
  • Have a conversation with my neighbours (we’ve lived here for 2.5 years, it’s way past time for this)
  • Donate blood
  • Write letters to folks in prison
  • LiLu Night Out for $0
  • Offer specific assistance of my labour or attention
  • Use gift cards currently in my possession to buy items in need for mutual aid groups
  • One-off volunteer opportunities
  • Don’t just “phone it in” with my current volunteer positions

What do you think? Is this list doable? Does it make sense for what I am trying to put out in the world and how I want to make an impact? That last question is one that only I can answer. And perhaps it might take longer than one month to figure it out.

A huge part of my word for the year is still shrouded in mystery. That is, care as social justice.

“What if we shifted our collective creativity toward cooperation and caring instead of individualism?”

Intelligent Mischief

I also recently read something about rest that I can’t find right now, so I will have to summarize it here from memory. Rest is incredibly important for our brains and bodies, but it cannot be just an individual exercise. We must take care of others in whatever capacity is available to us, so that they have the time to rest as well. Especially if we have the privilege to do so. My brain is filled with this idea. I can’t get away from it.

I will report back when the month is over. And I will accept any and all tips or suggestions in the comments.


LiLu Night Out

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The why and what of my month long spending freeze (Bravely Go)

Canada Blood Services

Atlanta-based organization advocates for rest as a form of Social Justice (NPR)

Prisoner Correspondence Project

Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (where I currently volunteer on their support line)

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