Victoria, BC and a Vacation Re-Think

For our annual Mother-Son vacation, Lucas and I went to Victoria, BC in July 2022. We spent five days there, exploring by foot and bus, eating ice cream, and relaxing in our Airbnb. And I had a lot of time to think about what I want future vacations to look like for me. MORE NATUREContinue reading “Victoria, BC and a Vacation Re-Think”

Camping, Hiking (and a Party) in Elk Island National Park

We are on year four of this tradition, and honestly it is a highlight of the year! Three of my favourite things – camping, hiking, and a party – in an amazing place. With many of the best and brightest folks in my life. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday celebration. CAMPING Camping inContinue reading “Camping, Hiking (and a Party) in Elk Island National Park”

A Cool Dip and a Big Climb in Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park, September 2022 These are the traditional homelands of the Blackfoot peoples in all of their diversity, as well as the traditional hunting territory of the Kutenai people. The Kutenai were most likely driven out of these areas by the Blackfoot when they expanded their range thanks to rifles and horses. TheContinue reading “A Cool Dip and a Big Climb in Waterton Lakes National Park”

September Hiking in Jasper National Park

For Part One of this series – “September Camping in Jasper National Park”, click here. INTRODUCTION There are hundreds of trail choices in Jasper National Park, depending on your goals and skill level. We chose three trails that offer a variety of options, for both the seasoned hiker and the tourist with little experience. IContinue reading “September Hiking in Jasper National Park”

September Camping in Jasper National Park

Wow oh wow I pulled off a last minute (for me), long weekend camping trip to Jasper. In September. With two longs hikes. If feels like I should get at least 3 medals and eighteen gold stars for this one. For being out there only 3 days, we covered a lot of ground. I haveContinue reading “September Camping in Jasper National Park”

Scrapbook from our Medicine Hat Road Trip (2019)

It was so lovely to work on this album over the past few weeks. Unmasked memories of a summer past. Lucas & I hanging out and eating a tonne of ice cream. Favourite places revisited. Half the fun of scrapbooking is reliving those moments. TRIP DETAILS Lucas & I stayed in an Air BnB inContinue reading “Scrapbook from our Medicine Hat Road Trip (2019)”