Second Quarter Books (2021)

Second Quarter Books (2021) Another quarter of the year down. Summer usually brings for me depression, envy, and doubt in myself as a mom. This year I am countering that with a goals reset and a Summer “would be cool if” List. And more books of course. Here’s what the last three months looked likeContinue reading “Second Quarter Books (2021)”

Day Trip Adventure in Clearwater County

Inspired by my pal Nadine, who took her family to Jasper for the day last month, I chatted with Dan about doing something similar for us, but in a different location. He said “sure”, and so we did. This may come as a surprise, but I am not much of a planner when it comesContinue reading “Day Trip Adventure in Clearwater County”

Earth Month 2021 – The Great Garbage Challenge

At the beginning of April I went for a walk in my neighbourhood and I picked up 5 small bags of garbage. And that got me thinking (more on this below). On this particular walk, I was alternately told “good for you” and “you’re a saint”. The rest of the folks I passed said nothing.Continue reading “Earth Month 2021 – The Great Garbage Challenge”