Not Ladylike Hikes – 2022 Recap and Goals for 2023

Not Ladylike Hikes is my most successful club. I don’t think it’s a secret that I struggle with acknowledging my successes, so in this post I will try and convince myself. And in doing so, hopefully entice more people to join in on the fun. VISION AND MISSION One of the areas I see theContinue reading “Not Ladylike Hikes – 2022 Recap and Goals for 2023”

My Year in Books (2022)

You may remember from my recent post “How To Read 80 Books a Year” that I made some pretty lofty book-related goals this year. Well unfortunately for my reading goals I didn’t even come close to reaching them! This meant that I was busy chasing other goals, which is great for me as a whole.Continue reading “My Year in Books (2022)”

Our Annual Family Vacation to Jasper and Letting Go Of Mom Guilt

Land acknowledgment: Jasper National Park suffered the effects of another large forest fire this summer. We waited to return until we knew it was safe for us to do so. We as a society now know that the Indigenous fire keepers of the past kept the forests of the mountains healthy and strong. But theContinue reading “Our Annual Family Vacation to Jasper and Letting Go Of Mom Guilt”

December Memory Keeping and Why I Quit “December Daily”

DECEMBER MEMORY KEEPING AND WHY I QUIT “DECEMBER DAILY” I started writing this Blog in December of 2021, but I never posted it. Now it’s creeping up on December 2022, and I find that I am feeling all the same feelings. I know that the tradition of creating a “December Daily” is something that isContinue reading “December Memory Keeping and Why I Quit “December Daily””

Weekly Check-In Prompts

WEEKLY CHECK-IN PROMPTS AND GOAL REVIEW Ideally, every Monday morning I open up my planner and do a little review. Sometimes this exercise is beyond my energy capacity, but I try not to ruminate on those days or weeks when it remains incomplete. This exercise has become important to my routine, and invaluable to myContinue reading “Weekly Check-In Prompts”