7 Low Waste Ways to Celebrate Spring

When I was a kid, my sister and I always received an elaborate Easter basket filled with treats. We looked forward to an egg hunt, hanging out with family, and having a big meal. Sometimes our celebrations happened over many days of the long weekend, and there was always something new to look forward to.Continue reading “7 Low Waste Ways to Celebrate Spring”

Five Waste Reduction Resolutions

Five Waste Reduction Resolutions You Should Make…Even Though They Won’t Solve The Climate Crisis When the calendar turns and I start evaluating my goals and purpose, my thoughts turn to how I can strengthen my actions around the climate crisis. In taking a look at what I want to do next, I noticed that IContinue reading “Five Waste Reduction Resolutions”

Essay on the recent Parkland Institute Conference

I have been working on more pieces like this as a way to practice essay writing and express my critical thinking. It took me a ridiculously long time to write, and I personally think this piece would maybe get a 60% if graded, so I have a lot of practice ahead of me! Thanks forContinue reading “Essay on the recent Parkland Institute Conference”

Defend Our Parks? It’s Complicated

First and foremost I want to state that when speaking on or writing about this issue we must always acknowledge how the creation, maintenance, and upholding of our park system is directly related to the ongoing genocide of Indigenous people and nations.This specific action – “Defend Our Parks” – came about when in March 2020Continue reading “Defend Our Parks? It’s Complicated”