Venn Diagram of Lisa


This was a fun exercise I did for myself back in October. I can’t remember what prompted it, but everyone loves a Venn diagram, right?

I love everything. When asked a direct question about my interests, I either freeze up, or I list a dozen and have a dozen more on my lips. It can be hard for me to focus on one passion. So I try to do everything, and I stay generalized without becoming an expert on any one topic. This exercise helped me reframe that distraction into intersecting groups.


Generalists are like omnivores. We tend to survive when the going gets tough and our niche speciality becomes unsustainable. I may not be an expert on any one thing, but I know a little bit about a lot of things AND I am always open to learning. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but I have tempered that with swaths of self doubt that I am slowly correcting to simply “keeping an open mind.” Being flexible with my opinions, and free with my knowledge sharing, and acceptance.

I think the rainbow in the middle represents that LEARNING and SHARING.


You might be asking, who cares if you made a Venn Diagram of yourself. Fair enough! I think it is interesting as a neurodivergent person to continually learn how my brain-body system works best. And recognize positive and unique things about myself that I used to think were broken. Sharing this is my way of finding other folks who feel the same. Or encouraging neuro-normalized folks to recognize that there is a different way that is not better or worse.

I’m making connections in my thoughts, and hopefully making connections with community members.

These connections will ultimately help me make decisions that make the best use of my energy. Unfortunately, I can’t do everything, and trying leaves me cranky and burnt out. Any guiding tool or lens is a welcome source of relief.

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