One Romper, One Week


Normally, my blogs go live on Friday, but I’ve got a little bonus post for you this week. Because I did one of my fave low waste tricks last week.

If you asked me even 5 years ago if I thought a “romper” would be an integral item in my closet, I probably would have laughed. I bought this green number secondhand before my trip to Dubai in 2019, and I wear it all the time. The point of “One [insert item of clothing], One Week” is to explore the versatility in a single piece of clothing. This is one of my fave “low waste” tricks, and the best way I know how to renew my interest in my closet and remind myself that I don’t need to buy more clothes.


[ARTICLE] “How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe” by Courtney Carver (Be More With Less)

[WEBSITE] For more statistics and information on the grotesque amount of waste generated by the fashion industry, I highly recommend Fashion Revolution.

[WEBSITE] Closer to home for me, Waste Free Edmonton has some info on fashion waste as well.

[VIDEO] I like Story of Stuff videos for quick refreshers on some of the larger waste issues in our modern world. This video specifically is about microfibres in our clothes.

[VIDEO] While this video speaks directly to Europe’s fashion waste, I have a feeling there are similar issues happening in Canada & the U.S.: “Textile Mountain: the Hidden Burden of our Fashion Waste

[PODCAST] If you love fashion first, but are still fresh faced in sustainability, check out this podcast: The Wardrobe Crisis. Scrolling through all of the past episodes, she has hosted some amazing guests! Here are all the episodes tagged: “fashion + waste

[PODCAST] The Sustaining Voices podcasts covers a lot of topics, but this episode – Trimming Back Fashion’s Waste Problem – is specific to tackling the problem of fashion waste in a circular manner.

[VIDEO] And just in general, to make me really cranky, here is a video from The Atlantic on “America’s Dopamine Fueled Shopping Addiction”. American’s buy 66 clothing garments per year, which is blowing my mind!

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