On Saturday We Hike

Every Saturday (unless otherwise indicated). 9:00am start time. Trailheads noted below, along with any specific trail notes. This is a time to reconnect with each other and with nature, as we explore a trail in or around Edmonton.

General Things To Keep In Mind

Please dress for the weather, wear appropriate footwear, and bring whatever mobility aides you require/prefer. You walk at your own risk, set your own pace, and choose your finish time. The group usually walks for 1 hour. You do not need to RSVP. Dogs are permitted on leash unless otherwise stated. We start with introductions including pronouns and a land acknowledgement, otherwise there is no programming. There is no ASL interpreter and the only language spoken is English.

January 8

Government House Park & Mackinnon Ravine

Meet in the first parking lot of Government House Park (click here for the Google map pin). The majority of this out-and-back trail is packed snow and groomed (sanded, and cleared but not to pavement). There will be some inclines as we enter the Ravine, where the trail is not groomed. We walk along the North Saskatchewan River, and the sunrise is lovely this time of year.

January 1, 2022 – Happy New Year!

Whitemud Park up to Keillor Point.

We would love to start 2022 on the trails with you! Come shake off the late night with a brisk walk along a fan favourite – the Fort Edmonton Loop and across the Footbridge. Meet in the east end of the Fort Edmonton Park parking lot. This loop is a combination of packed earth and paved. Bring your noise makers!

December 25

Mill Creek Ravine

Yes, Lisa realizes this is Christmas Morning, but as that isn’t a huge deal in her house, she is going out walking and invites you to join in. She is however, being a little selfish and has chosen a trailhead within walking distance of her home. Meet at 95a Street and 80 Avenue. There is street parking. We will be sticking to the high trail today, which is all paved, and well travelled. This is a special place for Lisa and she would love to share a quiet morning with you.

December 18

Whitemud Park up to Keillor Point.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice a few days early! This trail starts down low, and heads up to a lovely lookout over the River Valley at Keillor Point. Please park in the first parking lot on the left in Whitemud Park. This out-and-back trail is all paved, and there is a long hill up to Keillor Point, where there are stairs down to the lookout.

December 11

Whitemud Creek Ravine

There is a small parking lot at the trailhead here, and “overflow” available at Snow Valley Ski Hill here. This out and back trail is all packed earth, and will be covered in snow (and ice) at this time of year. Not technically difficult, but please be mindful of roots and icy trail conditions. The trail winds in and around Whitemud Creek, crosses a few lovely little bridges, and there are always chickadees flitting about.

December 4

Rossdale Park through Louise McKinney to the new LRT bridge.

Please park on 100 street around the old Rossdale Brewery. Here is the Google Maps pin. This out-and-back trail is a combination of packed gravel and paved. We pass the elevator that leads to the funicular (a great detour if the group is into it!), then up through Louise McKinney Park. The new pedestrian bridge should be open to foot traffic as well, which I know lots of folks have been excited to see!

November 27

Nellie McClung Park to Queen Elizabeth Park and Walterdale Bridge

We will meet in the parking lot for the Pioneer Cabin. Here is the Google Map pin. This loop trail is combination of paved and packed gravel. There are some steep, long inclines. Lots of photo opportunities in the Indigenous Park and at Walterdale Bridge!

November 20

Emily Murphy Park to Hawrelak Park

Emily Murphy has a few parking lots. We will meet in the section closest to the boat launch. Here is the Google Map pin. This flat, out-and-back trail is packed gravel, and winds along the river into Hawrelak Park.

Person in a buffalo plaid jacket and blue jeans stands on a ladder that is propped against the steep side of a ravine wall. There are tree roots poking out of the earth. She is smiling up at the camera.

November 13

Mactaggart Sanctuary

There are two parking lots for this location; please use the one that makes the most sense for you! We will meet at the Blue Bridge. Here is the pin. This is a single track, forest path, with lots of roots and inclines. There is a difficult portion of the trail (as pictured), with a detour available for those who aren’t into it. The trails wind around Blackmud Creek and there is a lot of animal activity this time of year.

October 30

Asmo Hanaas Walking Path

Meet in the parking lot across from Riverside Golf Course. Here is the pin. We will be walking North along the river on a packed earth trail. 90% of this trail is single file.

October 23

Buena Vista Park

We will meet in the Valley Zoo parking lot. (Click here for the Google pin drop.) We will be walking along the River on a combination of paved and packed earth trails. There is an off-leash dog park near the start of the trail.

October 16

Fraser Ravine

Click here for the pin drop. Park along Fraser Way between 147 and 148 Avenue. These trails have not been scouted by NLL recently.

October 9 – Happy Thanksgiving

Heath Road Park

Click here for the Google pin drop. We are headed SW on a combination of packed earth and paved trails. There will be some gentle inclines as we head toward and along the River.

October 2

Goldstick Park

Click here for the Google Pin drop at the main parking lot for the baseball diamonds. These are technically simple, packed earth trails, but have not been scouted by NLL recently.

September 25

Elk Island National Park

SPECIAL TIME: Meet in the Astotin Lake Area parking lot at 11:00am for the hike. After our hike, we are having cake at 12:30pm in celebration of Lisa’s 41st birthday. Click here for the Google pin drop. NOTE: There is a fee to enter the park.

September 18

Bunchberry Meadows

The site is 30km from Edmonton. Click here for directions. These are technically simple, packed earth trails that wander through old growth forest, meadows, and wetlands. It is a very special place. There are NO DOGS allowed.

The parking lot is small, and once filled, the site is at capacity. We recommend carpooling if you can!

September 11

Kinnaird Ravine

Meet at 78 Street NW and Jasper Ave. Click here for the Google pin drop. There are a few steeper inclines on this hike (not pictured ;-), but we would still invite all skill levels of hikers to participate!

August 21

Fort Edmonton Footbridge

Meet in the main For Edmonton Park parking lot, closest to the park. Click here for directions. Technically simple trails, we follow the packed earth trail along the river to the Bridge, and the paved trail above the park back to the meeting point.

Fort Edmonton Park is open for the summer. Click here for more info, or to buy tickets.

August 14

Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary

Meet in the main parking lot. Click here for directions, and here for more info about this location. To note: it is illegal to park on the road. Lisa recommends carpooling to this location if possible.

August 7

Whitemud Park to Keillor Road

Meet in the “first” parking lot. Click here for directions. There is one long hill, otherwise this trail is considered technically easy. Our turnaround point in the loop is Edmonton’s “End of the World” lookout point.

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