Reflecting on Three Years of Sobriety

I call December 28 my “Soberversary”. Way back in 2018, I made a decision to stop drinking. I thought it would last a year or so, and then I would re-evaluate. But I very quickly realized that this was a forever thing for me.

Every year that goes by, I notice more things about my sobriety, and about alcohol in our culture. I have become hyper aware of the pervasiveness of alcohol in our society. And the normalization of the drinking requirement to socialize and to “fix” things in our lives. I personally don’t need alcohol to have fun or experience belonging. And I firmly believe that the opposite to addiction is connection, and that despite all the social drinking we partake in, we are continuing to lose our sense of belonging to each other and to our community.

I can say no and am confident when speaking up about my sobriety. But I need to learn better ways to have conversations that de-normalize drinking. Sobriety is part of who I am, it’s part of my purpose and my goals, so I often ask myself “is what I am doing or about to do getting me closer to my goals or helping me be the person I want to be?” With alcohol the answer was always “no.” How do I share that without preaching or shaming? I’m still working on that.

I have never identified myself as an “alcoholic” and now that I am more comfortable using person-first language, I probably never will. My experience taught me that you don’t have to identify as an “alcoholic” to want to quit drinking. Perhaps because of that, not everyone understands why I pursue sobriety.

While I miss gin, I don’t miss hangovers and lost time. Time, which it feels like I have so much more of now. Everyday I choose to not fuel my complicated relationship with alcohol. Most days it’s really easy for me, and I feel really lucky to know I made the right choice.


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