I Quit Art Night

What happens when you want to quit an activity that you host?

A few months earlier, I got some strong clues that Online Art Night really wasn’t working for me. I had been riding the struggle bus for ages, so I quickly brainstormed a “rebrand”. Thinking I could re-ignite my enjoyment by changing up the format or the name or something. I literally don’t know. Like I said, I was struggling.

This piece of paper was the ticket to my liberation, but also made me feel really sad. I wrote down everything I wanted for Art Night and had to say “no, not for me right now, but thanks.”

I want to meet in person, and I want to meet in a bigger space than my home. I want to share resources and knowledge. I want it to be bigger than “just” a craft night.

– Me

When I created Art Night back in 2019 I did it in response to some other craft get togethers that had been popping up. Businesses, where you spent $70 to make a cutesy craft, get a signature cocktail, and have your photo taken in front of some shiny balloons. That concept did not feel empowering to me. It felt like another place where I didn’t fit in, and couldn’t afford.

I wanted to create a space for folks to come as they are. To bring whatever craft they wanted. To spend zero dollars and have a great conversation with a new pal. And sure there would be treats, and photo ops. But with like, zero pressure to perform and dress up. Something that would be more accessible to all folks.

But that didn’t work out. Covid is part of it, killing the in-person part that was so integral. And I still need to learn some hostessing skills. Or asking for help skills.

Ultimately I believe that there is a future here. Especially considering we are going to need a lot of solidarity and mutual aid foundations moving into our uncertain future. Community Craft Night sounds like a thing I could get behind. But for now, Online Art Night has come to an end, “not with a bang, but a whimper.”

One thought on “I Quit Art Night

  1. Hello Lisa.
    I am thrilled to learn about your blog focused on Hiking and acknowledging First Nations.
    I am a high-school friend of your Antie Sherry who I have just recently connected with thru Facebook after almost 50 years.
    My wife is Wet’suwet’en and I have been learning for 40 years. If you ever need any Wet’suwet’en information or First Nation point of view we can help.
    The Wet’suwet’en are currently under attack and about to shut down Canada again.
    For more inf follow:


    Again it is thrilling that your Antie Sherry and you are interested in indigenous people and their history and struggle.

    Misiyh (thank you)


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