12 Projects 2021

ack at the start of 2021, I decided to choose 12 Projects around the house to tackle over the course of the year. One per month. I quickly brainstormed a couple obvious ones, then filled out the majority of the list throughout January. (As I was working on the first project).
To note: there is nothing wrong with my house.

I caution against falling into the HGTV-trap of thinking your home is “wrong” because it doesn’t look like the homes on TV. Instead, look to the ways you enjoy your spaces and the function of those spaces. If something isn’t working for those reasons, see if you can make a quick fix. If something is “ugly”, but still works, maybe leave it alone. Your wallet and the environment will thank you.

The only purely aesthetic changes will be made with paint. Our bedroom is in rough shape, and the gloomy main floor colour brings me down, so those will get a refresh. Other wise, all of these projects will hopefully help me enjoy it more, keep things (and me) organized, and potentially even benefit my community.


I previously detailed my January project on the blog (this link won’t work anymore unfortunately… CREATIVE: Art for the Book Nook). And so far it has stayed (mostly) clean, and honors my intent for the space. My spice cupboard had never been properly organized since we moved in here, so I made it February’s Project. And I knew that I would have to get my seeds started in March anyway, so I made it a Project. All of the projects so far have relied on items and tools I had in my home. I collect (hoard?) glass jars, and the grow cabinet was a secondhand gift from my parents. Being purposeful about my energy, and putting a time limit/deadline on the Projects focuses the intent and encourages completion.

So far I am 3 for 3.


This has been a good reminder that I don’t need a lot of fancy or new supplies. I have a lot of things I can use at home, I just need to make the time to put it all together.
It is also a good reminder that I can plan out projects and actually complete them. It’s nice to have some small, medium, and large-sized goals to tackle and prove this to myself every once and awhile.

But if anyone has ideas for November’s project, I am taking suggestions!


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