Accountability Club

If you can see this page, that means Accountability Club “registration” is now open for the next calendar year!

What is Accountability Club?

I have tried many times to capture the magic and support I see happening in our group, and words fail me. (But I will still try). If you struggle setting and achieving goals, or just want some likeminded folks to talk to about it, please send me a message and we can chat more.

You Get

Support, interest and curiousity from likeminded folks.

Access to a group of neuroatypical brains to help you figure out ways around challenges you’ve encountered.

Guaranteed attention and excitement from other people about your goals.

Confidentiality within the group.

Cheerleaders when you succeed, no matter how big or small the action.

To practice speaking in front of a few folks on a video call.

We send one email per week with external resources, reminders, and general encouragement (and memes).

You do NOT get

Judgement if you fail to meet your goals, or change your mind.

Counseling…we are pals, not therapists.


Currently, we meet on a video call (Google Meet) once per month, on a date decided on by the group. We have been meeting Sunday mornings for about 30-40 minutes, as that seems to work best for all of us in the current group. We also have an online chat group for folks to share victories or challenges, resources, and inspiration in between official meet ups.

Otherwise, the amount of time you check in with the group is an individual preference, and completely independent of the amount of time and bandwidth you put toward achieving your goals.

There aren’t a lot of “rules” for A-Club, and the ones we have we set for ourselves. We reserve the right to restrict access to the Club for folks with specific goals (no MLMs for example), and we absolutely do not tolerate hate speech of any kind. We are all neurodivergent women, and that seems to work really well for us! It seems like there are lots of accountability tools for neurotypical folks. We’re trying something new here, and making it work for the way our brains work (or don’t work…wink).

To sign up

Contact Lisa and tell her you’d like more info about Accountability Club 2023. Our first meet up is in person on January 8. We’ll close registration at the end of February.