Happy New Year, Love LiLuDa

Every December or January, I send out a card and letter to family, friends, and acquaintances whose addresses are in my possession. This year 99 went out in the mail. I also like to post it on the Blog, so you readers can get a more personal snapshot into my life. Here is the 2021 edition. Please note it has been edited slightly for privacy.

This December 2021 issue of the LiLuDa Times is dedicated to my dad who has been sending out Christmas letters for 30 years. Thank you for being a great role model, for weekly phone calls, and for reminding me of what’s truly important in life. I love you.

Whatever life looked like for you this year, you are here. And I am so glad.

What big or small things did YOU celebrate in 2021? Here are some from us:

  • All three of us got our double doses of COVID-19 vaccines, and were happy to do so! Lisa is due for a booster any day now.
  • Lisa had a seizure in April, and has been diagnosed with epilepsy. Dan got to call an ambulance and Lisa got to ride in one, although she doesn’t have a solid memory of the experience. Her current meds are working, and she was grateful to get her driver’s license back in November. Even more grateful to the hardworking firefighters, paramedics, and ER staff who took care of her that night. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Lucas got his braces off in the spring; he has a lovely smile and has a better flossing habit than his Mom.
  • Dan left his job at xxxx Construction for a temp position at a local school board; a three month contract building portables was extended twice, and he is enjoying working in town.
  • Taking the utmost precautions and care with local Covid-19 restrictions, we had the opportunity to do some traveling this summer, close to home. Lucas & Lisa headed to Calgary in August, rode karts down a ski hill and ate the best Indian food ever. Dan & Lisa did a couple of camping trips, hiked a couple of mountains. Alberta is a beautiful province to explore.
  • Lucas celebrated his 16th birthday with a party in our local park. He also got his learner’s permit and has been taking exclusive driving lessons with Grandpa. Turns out this car fan loves driving!
  • Welcomed Lisa’s sister Amy and her family back to Edmonton from Dubai for a few weeks, which meant lots of activities and family time to keep us occupied. Lucas and his cousins picked up right where they left off.
  • Lucas started Grade 11, back to in-person school. He was very happy to reconnect with some good friends in real life that he hasn’t seen in awhile. He loves social studies and mechanics best. Otherwise, he hangs out with friends online playing racing games, Minecraft, Fortnite. There is always lots of laughter coming out of his room. (He’s such a great kid).
  • Lisa celebrated her 41st birthday at Elk Island National Park with family and friends, an ugly cake, a short hike, and a (now) traditional camping trip. It was a beautiful autumn weekend.
  • Two elections for us in the Fall: federal and municipal; Lisa got out canvassing for her municipal candidate of choice.
  • On Saturday We Hike was a huge success! Almost every Saturday a group of us head out to a local trail for a walk. 45 events in total this year, in Edmonton’s beautiful River Valley, ravines, and out of town. We’ve got our core group, but we’re always looking for more walkers. The best way to start the weekend is in the community of nature and friends.
  • We said goodbye to Online Art Night this year. Almost three years, but it has run its course. The pandemic pushed us online, which worked for awhile, but it turns out that crafting together is better in person.
  • Dan built us a “friendly-sized” fence in the front yard, an amazing canopy for his mini truck, helped the neighbour do some roofing, and got a lovely new (old) stove for his garage with a great story.
  • Lisa is currently the Parent Council Secretary, and her five year anniversary volunteering on the support line with the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton is coming up.

“It is love and friendship, the sanctity and celebration of our relationships, that not only support a good life, but create one.” Wallace Stegner

In memory of “Grandpa P”, Carolyn M Great Aunt JoAnn, Nanny, Jan V, Patty G, EJ, LN, AW, and beloved pets Simone, Jaco, and Miss May.

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